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Piggyback Forklifts

If you are looking for a forklift that can move from one location to another with ease, we invite you to rent one of the piggyback forklifts provided by Guebara Delivery & Transportation Services Inc. Attached to an open payload-carrying truck, these forklifts are perfect for residential and commercial projects of all varieties. With an unrivaled load-carrying ability, you simply cannot go wrong.

Do you need to move bricks, roofing tiles, or other construction materials around your worksite? Let our truck-mounted forklifts help you. We service our forklifts on a regular basis—and we offer them at a great rate, too.

Book your piggyback forklift rental today. Our phone number is (602) 796-1836, and we cannot wait to work with you.

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Our Forklifts Can Handle It All

When the people in our community need to load and unload valuable materials in a swift fashion, they come to us for our truck-mounted piggyback forklifts. Our truck-mounted forklifts aren't just compact and user-friendly, they're a highly effective mode of transport, too.

The 2-in-1 Solution

Many people have trucks that can transport a large volume of materials, but few operations have the manpower to quickly—and safely—offload the materials. A piggyback forklift, on the other hand, offers both transport and offloading capabilities. They're the 2-in-1 solution, and they're the preferred choice for professionals in countless industries.

All-terrain Forklifts for Construction

Everyone knows how hectic and untidy a construction site can be. Large trucks or industrial-grade forklifts only lead to undesirable workplace congestion. Piggyback forklifts, on the other hand, are small enough to maneuver through busy worksites without issue.

Agriculture and Landscaping

Farmers and landscapers love our piggyback forklifts, and with good reason. These compact pieces of machinery make for the finest farmhand a farmer has ever known. Whether you need to transport fertilizer, fencing, stones for hardscapes, or cement, the truck-mounted forklift will surely be of use to you.

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Reap the Benefits of the Compact Forklift

There are countless benefits to working with a piggybank forklift company like ours. Some of these benefits include:

Heavy-duty Flatbeds

The flatbed on the forklift might be compact, but it is capable of carrying the most heavy-duty building materials. What's more, these forklifts are typically mounted on the rear of a truck, ensuring you'll also be able to load materials onto your truck's bed if necessary, too.

Ease of Use

Our piggyback forklifts only require the expertise of one operator. With only one person controlling the forklift, you'll be able to manage your workday with greater ease.